Gameboy Emulator Project

Currently I am working on making a Gameboy Emulator!

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. I have tried this before about 2 years ago however it… didn’t work. And I ran out of time since school had started.

So now, while on my Co-op term I’ve decided to give it another go!!

Current Goal

The curent goal of this project is to make a working Gameboy emulator. At the moment I’m not concerned with emulating Super Gameboy or Gameboy Color. Also I am only supporting ROM that do not use ROM bank switching.

Also I wanted to have a reuaseable gameboy “core”. Basically a library that you can link in any project and have a working Gameboy emulator. Abstracting IO so you can interact with the Gameboy emulator in a program. Maybe using it to create bots that play a Gameboy game.. Or anything of the sort.

Of course the core library can be used to make an emulator as well.

I’m also working a suite of tools as I go to debug the emulator. Such as the disassembler.

Future Goals

Current Progress

Currently I have successfully pulled the tile set from Character RAM and render to a window.

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